The Best Free iPhone Network Checker for all iOS models

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Here you can find free solution to check the carrier for your device. We can check you network for free. Would you love to have an online IMEI checker tool for your iPhone which tell you plethora of details about your phone model like SIM Lock Status, Warranty, Carrier (mobile operator), activation date, state of repairs and service coverage and many more helpful information? We’re quite sure that many Apple device owners would be looking for such online tool. That’s why we’re providing this iPhone IMEI checker on our blog so our readers can get all the information about their phones right here for free.

free imei checker iphone

After you will receive results you can see such info as Serial Number, Model of phone, Firmware version (iOS if iPhone) your device currently running, warranty status, First and Last Activation date, Carrier and Next Tether, CTN and SIMLock status.

Carrier and Next Tether is the original network to which your device is locked. CTN (Contact Number) – is the telephone number of the Sim which was used last time to activate iPhone.

If you will see SimLock status as Unlocked and Carrier/Next Tether as Unlocked – this means that your phone is officially unlocked. In this case you won’t see the original carrier.

So to get this info you will need to perform some simple and easy steps.

How to Check iPhone Carrier Using IMEI for Free

Step 1: First you need to register on our website to get an account for one free IMEI check.



Step 2: After successful registration login.


Step 3: After you enter your account you will see that you have 1 IMEI check.


Just write IMEI you need to check in the field “Enter IMEI”.


Step 4: After clicking CHECK you will get info about your iPhone in 15 seconds. There will be:

  • IMEI
  • Serial Number
  • Model
  • Firmware version
  • Warranty Date and Status
  • Activation Date and Status
  • Locked Carrier / Network
  • SIM Lock Status

free network checker iphone

Here below you can see examples of results for locked and unlocked iPhone:



Step 5: Also you can find here paid iPhone network checker which you can use for multiply IMIE checks and get full info about your device.

paid imei checker

More than that. You can buy credits for multiply IMEI checks after registration on

fill in check

Also you can get API if you are planing to have your own network checker:


Using our free iPhone IMEI checker you will be followed to the legit service where you can officially unlock your iPhone. If you will have some questions you can always contact us and our support team will always be glad to help you.

Update: API connection doesn’t work at this moment. Sorry for inconveniences.