Free iPhone Country IMEI Checker Page


You are welcome to use the new free service for your device. This is how to check iPhone country for free using model code. After entering a code you will check in what country your iPhone was purchased. It may be important info for many reasons but if you are going to unlock iPhone such info may help.

Important: This is not SIM Lock status or iPhone network checker. You will not get info about the operator to which your iPhone is locked. You can always check iPhone lock status and carrier name with another service.

Use a form above where you need to put a model number to check iPhone country lock. You can find model code in Settings of your device or under the battery. If your device is iPad, iPod or iPhone check model in Settings => General => About. Find the model, for example:

  • ML324BB/C

and put it in the form you see above. The results will come in seconds and you will see the purchased country.

Also there is another way to find out the country. You can check the network and country by IMSI and for free as well! IMSI number has almost the same decoded information. First 5 digits will give you the country and the carrier. Here is one method you can get IMSI:

  1. Connect iPhone to computer’s COM port with a data cable.
  2. Start any terminal program and select a port the phone is connected to.
  3. Type in AT+CIMI command and press Enter.

You will see the results shortly.