Free iPhone Simlock Status Check


Free iPhone Simlock Status Check




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Free iPhone Simlock Status Check service answers one important question: whether your iPhone is unlocked or locked. Please note that this checker does not name the mobile operator/country your smartphone is locked to. It also doesn’t unlock or unblock the iOS handset.

You only have to know your IMEI in order to check your iPhone Simlock status. Please find IMEI through *#06# combination or in Settings – General – About menu.

The checker works with all iPhone models, iOS versions and basebands.

How to Use Free iPhone Simlock Status Checker

1. Like, Share, tweet or G+ us to use the service for free.

2. Make sure you provide the correct IMEI and re-check that your iPhone is activated.

3. Enter the working email where your results will be sent to.

4. You will receive either Locked or Unlocked answer.

Please check in your SPAM folder if there is no email from us. You can also add to your contacts list.

The checker results are delivered from 9 am to 6 pm PST Monday through Friday.