Free iPhone Worldwide Contract Checker


Free iPhone Worldwide Contract Checker




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Free iPhone Worldwide Contract Checker supports all networks from across the globe and checks if your iPhone is on contract or already off contract. Knowing your contract status helps to choose the most affordable unlock package to become SIM free from your carrier.

The service only returns the answer Out of Contract / Contract OFF or In Contract / Contract ON. It does not unlock, unblock your iPhone. Everything is performed distantly. Only your correct IMEI code is needed.

How to Check iPhone Worldwide Contract Status for Free

1. Like, Share, tweet or G+ us to use the service for free.

2. Before you check the contract status you should make sure your iPhone is activated and your IMEI is correct. Find the 15-digit IMEI number in Settings – General – About on your smartphone or type *#06# to dial it.

3. Provide the IMEI and your email address.

4. The checker results are to be delivered shortly in most cases but sometimes it could happen within 24 hours.

Please note that if you do not get an email from us you should look in your SPAM folder. You might also like to add to your list of contacts.