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How to Use IMEI Checker to Find Out If iPhone is Off Contract

Here is an online out of contract checker which you can use to see if your iPhone is still under contract or already out of contract with major GSM and CDMA networks worldwide. If you purchase iPhone you sign a two year contract with network.

Nowadays it is very hard to unlock iPhone that still is under contract. It is much easier to unlock out of contract iPhone. But you have to wait for two years till the expiration date or pay a termination fee to break a contract.

Anyway before order unlock it is highly recommended to check iPhone out of contract status because the price of unlock for such models is much lesser that for off contract iPhone.


  • This service will not show blacklist status of iPhone you can check it here. You will receive results like:

In Contract or Contract until: 06/11/2015


Out of Contract

  • This is not unlock. This service checks iPhone contract status only.
  • This is not network checking service. This checker will show you if your iPhone is In Contract or Out of Contract.
  • Check spam/junk folder if you don’t see results or contact us.

How to Check iPhone ON / Off Contract Status

Step 1. Go to Settings – General – About and find IMEI number. You can dial *#06# to get IMEI as well.

Step 2. Provide the IMEI number and your active email to get the results.

Step 3. First you will receive email with your order id and then wait for the second email with the results.

Note: The average delivery time is 1-10 minutes. This is not an instant service and all orders are made manually.

Why Do I Need IMEI iPhone Contract Checker

The first reason is that the price for unlock is much lower for off contract than for still in contract devices. So you can spend less money for good service.

The second is important as well. In the end of the last year AT&T changed their unlocking policy (still changing today) and the success of the unlock from now depends on the out of contract or in contract status of the iPhone locked to GSM network. When iPhone is out of contact you can be sure that AT&T,T-Mobile, Orange, SFR, O2, etc networks will accept your IMEI and unlock it if it is not blacklisted.

Note: You can also check blacklist status of iPhone using another service.

Anyway it is better to check if your iPhone is off/out of contract to better prepare it for the unlock.


Contract ON: 163 days from purchase. (Which means that iPhone is in contract for 163 days.)

Contract OFF: means device is out of contract.

This service DOES NOT unlock or unblock iPhones. You will see only if your device is out of contract or in contract.