What Is MEID Number?

All CDMA smartphones have their MEID number. What is it? What information does it carry? Let’s find the answers to these questions and figure out everything you need to know about these four letters.

MEID is a 56 bits [14 digit] number that stands for Mobile Equipment Identifier. It replaced ESN [electronic serial number] that was widely used before 2006. Every smartphone and other mobile station equipments have MEID identifier that is “burned” into the gadget. You cannot modify it.


Decode the MEID Number

Mobile Equipment Identifier is hidden below or under your device’s battery. It can be also located on the bottom or back of your smartphone. MEID has three parts: RR, MC and SN.

RR stands for Regional code that has 8 bits. MC and SN stand for Manufacturer Code and Serial Number, each consists of 24 bits and is assigned by manufacturer.

MEID can be compared with human fingerprints. It is unique for every CDMA smartphone and handset. It is not IMEI number that is unique to any GSM phone (follow the link to find out what is IMEI number). Mobile operators are able to get the following information from the MEID code. They can see whether your gadget is reported as missing, stolen or lost. They can also see whether you forgot to pay some of your account bills in the past.

meid number

How to Check Your MEID

Sellers who wish to sell a used smartphone and customers who want to purchased a used device should check the MEID code to be sure it is “clean.” How can you do this?

You should simply call the device carrier [Sprint, Verizon, etc.] and ask this question. You can also get the number on your own by going to the gadget’s Settings – General – About or looking under the battery and native Sim tray.

Why is a “clean” MEID important? Devices with a bad MEID cannot be activated with U.S. carriers. The issue can be resolved only if the original phone owner contacts the mobile operator and pays the bills or explains why his or her gadget has been reported stolen or lost.

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