Order Status Tracker

Track Order Status

Use your IMEI number or Order ID to check the status of the unlock request. This status tracker is working 24/7. Contact us in case you don’t see the status.

Here is an explanation of the results you may get after checking the status:

In Process

Your order is in the unlocking process. You will receive email when it will be completed. Until then nothing can speed up the process because of the automated system.


Your order is completed and iPhone is unlocked. Check the email (junk/spam folder as well), you provided when ordering, for the instructions. Or contact us to get it if you can’t see it in your mailbox

Not Found

There can be many reasons of such results. Some of them are:

  • wrong service purchase (wrong network, wrong model, iPhone is not clean);
  • iPhone is replaced or refurbished;
  • iPhone is not activated;
  • incorrect IMEI

If you see not Found please contact us for additional info.

IMEI Doesn’t exist at database

Make sure you are entering correct IMEI or Order ID. Also make sure you are checking order status on the site you used to purchase the service. Sometimes you may get such results because of the overloaded server. In this case contact us.