Unlock Your iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S / 5c for Not Supported SIM Cards

Every time when you order SIM free service you need to complete unlock for iPhone with SIM not supported. Unlike other types of unlocks, factory IMEI unlocking doesn’t require you entering any codes or numbers. You need to complete this type of unlock by connecting to iTunes.

With factory IMEI unlock your IMEI is officially added to Apple database of white numbers which is great, but you have to connect to iTunes so that the program makes sure you are unlocked and registers your IMEI which is already unlocked.

If you insert your native SIM, iTunes will not complete the procedure. You have to insert SIM card not supported by iPhone 3G / 4S / 4 / 5 and new models for unlock to be finished successfully. It is highly important to have such a non-supported SIM that regularly can’t help you when you are locked and becomes so useful once you are SIM free.

Here is how you can finish unlocking using iTunes program, your computer and Apple smartphone.

Step 1. Order unlock by IMEI and wait till you get an email with instructions described below.

Step 2. Take a non-supported SIM card and insert it into your handset.


Step 3. Make sure your PC or Mac has the most recent iTunes version installed on it.

Step 4. Connect the handset to the computer using the USB cable.

Step 5. If you have an older iPhone 3GS model you should downgrade it in case you are using 06.15.00 baseband which belongs to iPad. You can do this with Redsn0w program. Otherwise you will have No Service issue:


If you are still running iOS 7 firmware up to version 6 you should quickly disconnect your mobile device as soon as iTunes indicates it and wait for ten seconds before you connect to your computer again.


Step 6. iTunes should now announce that you are unlocked.

In case your have to update to the most recent firmware version via iTunes and then get iPhone SIM not supported unlock from the restore.

Here is how to do this.

Step 1. Before you do this you have to turn off Find My iPhone application if you don’t know the original iPhone’s owner Apple ID and password. If you know them you can leave it on.

Step 2. Take the SIM your original carrier doesn’t support and place it inside your SIM tray.

Step 3. Plug your smartphone to your computer through the USB and launch iTunes.

Step 4. You can either create the new backup now or refuse to do this by skipping this step.

Step 5. Now you should choose Restore option and set up your gadget a new phone.


Step 6. Enter your credentials if needed after choosing to Continue and here you go: you are unlocked!

Step 7. If you need to restore the information you can do this now by Restoring from Backup using iTunes program.

There might be possible problems while you are completing unlock this way.

  • You always have to use only non-supported SIM and not your original one
  • Don’t worry if iTunes doesn’t show the congratulations with unlock message. Just look at your status bar and you will see the signal if everything went ok
  • If you are asked to install the most recent iOS version you have to do so
  • If there is no signal, you can try to enable and disable Air Plane mode, reset network settings or enable / disable 3G or cellular data
  • Unplug your handset if iTunes freezes, reconnect again after you re-launch this computer program