Apple Blocks iPod Offline Music Storage


Even though Apple has recently upgraded its lines of MP3 players and offers the new iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle the company also doesn’t allow offline Apple Music storage on these devices [the company is planning to upgrade smartphones to iPhone 6S in the fall]. For example, users who purchase either shuffle or nano version of iPod will be completely out of luck with syncing music.

Apple New iPod touch 6G 2015

Apple blocks offline music storage for some of its gadgets because of piracy concerns. You know that you have to subscribe to Apple Music in order to listen to a lot of songs and unfortunately you cannot store and sync your offline songs if you are using iPod device because Apple is afraid you will cancel your membership and keep listening to the songs for free.

iPod touch users get more opportunities because they can access iOS Music application and internet and this way the Cupertino-based giant is able to activate their subscription. iPod offline music storage can be a big problem and less customers would most likely buy such a device because of its limited features.

If you already got such a model you might want to buy another one, iPhone (here is one interesting iPhone 6S concept) or the most recent iPod touch because when you try to sync your tracks [from Apple Music service, of course] on your shuffle / nano gadget there will be a message that says ‘Apple Music songs cannot be copied to an iPod’ and your attempt will fail.

Surely if you buy music using iTunes or use your own DRM-free tracks you are able to sync such titles on iPod nano and iPod shuffle. However you cannot do this with Apple Music tunes.

What do you think about such worries Apple has? Are you frustrated that you cannot sync everything you listen to or not? Would you ever buy a device that has limited functionality?

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