Apple Company Reportedly Bundles Beats Music In iOS 9


Some fresh news – after releasing UnionPay in China Apple bundles Beats Music in iOS 9. The major push for Beats Music streaming service will begin as soon as March of 2015. A main battle against competing streaming services as Spotify, which at current time have a larger amount of subscribers, would be the change of Beats Music to a native iOS app.

According to a new published Financial Times report, Apple is going to bundle Beats Music. This music streaming service will be the part of the iOS 9 package with the acquisition on the beginning of 2015.

Apple bundles Beats Music in iOS 9-69321

Following the report, the thing is to make the Beats Music streaming service available for millions of iOS users right out with the next iOS. That’s why Apple bundles Beats Music in iOS 9.

Apple will bundle the subscription music service it acquired from Beats into its iOS operating system early next year, instantly making it available on hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads – and ramping up pressure on Spotify, the market leader in music streaming.

Wednesday Financial Times’s report presupposed that corresponding iOS 8.2 update and the Beats Music push could be tied to the release of the Apple Watch, which should be launched in early 2015. The iOS 8.2 beta that supports development tools for WatchKit, was introduced to developers on Tuesday.


Some time ago rumors claimed that Apple company is going to brand the subscription of streaming service more in line with the iTunes Store, iTunes Match and iTunes Radio.

It’s also been added that Apple wants to advertising Beats Music subscriptions by cutting the price to just $5 per month. Apple is claims that lower price point could grow music subscriptions.

At current time Beats Music subscription costs $9.99 per month, but for a full year subscription users pay $99.99 for 12 months.

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