Apple Pay Will Be Released In UK In 2015


According to the reports Apple Pay will be released in UK. Apple company carried on negotiations with major banks in the UK to launch its payment method in the country during the first half of 2015.

Although the negotiations between Apple and one of the of the main UK banks is not going smoothly as both parties are disputing about the data the former will be able to access through Apple Pay.

According to the Telegraph reports the bank is worried about all the personal data that Apple is able to collect about its customers that could “serve as a beachhead for an invasion of the banking industry.”

apple pay in uk release

Nevertheless, Telegraph’s sources stated that that none of the major banks will like to miss out on Apple’s payment option. Of course especially due to its initial response in the United States and increasing popularity across the country.

Apple company has already supported all the banks that process nearly 90% of the credit cards Apple Pay transactions, with being responsible for nearly 1% of all the credit cards transactions in November. It is in United States.

As analytics said Apple Pay was a huge open for the Cupertino company and has single handedly revolutionized the mobile payment market. Many big companies as Google, PayPal tried to push their own payment service some time before the Apple. But none of them were able to offer the same level of high security and convenience that Apple manages to provide with Apple Pay.

This service is already famous and Apple activated more than 1 million credit and debit cards on Apple Pay within 72 hours of its release. And due to its popularity we think that Apple Pay will be released in UK and get the same level as in US.

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