Apple Site Redesign Integrates Online Store with Site


Apple site redesign offered by the famous iPhone creator. The company has integrated its online store with the official site. The major changes appear when you visit and the link to the ‘store’ is now gone since the store appears built-in into the main ‘fruit’ website.

The newly offered Apple online store integration with site allows customers making purchases right from the product page. The website will no longer redirect you to the ‘store’ page and you can complete the purchase right on the Apple website.

In other words all users who didn’t like being taken to the ‘’ page after clicking on the Buy Now option won’t be redirected. It is now possible to choose the device and buy it from its own page built into the site.


The changes should make everything simpler and faster. In case you are planning to get the iPhone 6, 5s or future iPhone 6S / 6S Plus you’ll find the links to each model right on the webpage with iPhones. The same happens to accessories which are also listed on the individual product pages.

The official site hasn’t changed much. Apple still shows the direct links to its product lines and Support page. According to the company, it wants its consumers to shop in one place and the new improvements offer such an experience to them.

You can now learn about the new devices and buy them from the same site. No redirections and great shopping bag option should let users enjoy the process more than ever. Such enhancements come in time for the upcoming release of the new “S” iPhone line which is expected to appear on the shelves in the end of September.

The upcoming iPhones will run iOS 9 firmware that is being tested and improved by Apple this summer. How do you find the changes on the ‘fruit’ site?

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