Apple Updates iOS 8 iCloud Drive Info Before You Can Download iOS 8



The Cupertino-based giant is getting closer to its next major mobile firmware update and iOS 8 iCloud Drive information has appeared on the company’s site as an upcoming option. We will let you know when you can upgrade and post download iOS 8 direct link list. But this will happen in September 2014.

Right now Apple is updating its sites with different iOS 8 iCloud features and other options that will be available as soon as this firmware becomes public. Such teasing reminders are meant to create more interest in the community as a lot of people are already thinking about installing iOS 8 no matter if the jailbreak follows the release at once or not.

The “fruit” giant is emailing its consumers about iCloud storage space and the next iOS 8. These are just friendly reminders but they mean the soon iOS 8 official release. Experts are hoping to see this major upgrade on September 17th, but there will be an iPhone even in early September where Apple might talk about its operating system, new phone lines and others 2014 surprises.

The iPhone 6 should also be unveiled in mid-September. What options do you wish to get in the first hand? Would you like iCloud to offer more storage in the future? What do you think about the iCloud Drive feature? Please, speak up your mind in the comments below.

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