How to check if iPhone is stolen guide


Here is extremely useful guide on how to check if iPhone is stolen or lost. The reasons to check if iPhone IMEI is stolen or lost can be various:

  • you lose your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch or think it might be stolen and want to protect your data
  • you want to buy a used or secondhand iPhone or iPad
  • you want to unlock your iOS device to use it with another carrier

Although with modern iDevices you can send a remote wipe command when you lose them to ensure that your private data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily stop criminals from forcing a “factory reset,” and reselling the device as though it had just been bought in the local Apple store. With no doubt, there are some risks when purchasing  a previously owned iDevice from an unofficial retailer like acquaintances or online sellers. If it’s stolen, for one, the device’s original owner may have Activation Lock turned on. If you don’t have the Apple ID and password it means the phone’s locked to that user. So you cannot know whether it can be stolen or not.

How To Find Out If iPhone Is Stolen Or Lost

Here is the way to tell if iPhone IMEI is stolen or lost using website service check.
Step 1. First find you IMEI number

  • First method to get it is: go to iPhone app, click on Keyboard and dial *#06#. You will see your IMEI number on the screen.
  • The second way is: on your iDevice click on Settings > General > About, scroll down a bit and you will see your IMEI number

Step 2. Now navigate to:
Step 3. Find iPhone Worldwide Blacklist Check.
Step 4. Then to place the order you will be asked to enter you IMEI number (the one that you have got in the step 1) and email address.
Step 5. Now tap submit button and you will be prompt to make a payment on PayPal. This IMEI number iPhone stolen check will cost you only $0.99. In case you don’t have PayPal account you need to choose “I don’t have PayPal account” option. You will be asked to enter your credit/debit card details that will be protected by PayPal service.
Step 6. After the payment was done successfully you will receive email with your Order ID. It means that your check order was accepted. Right after your IMEI will be sent directly to the Apple servers .
Step 7. Just in a few minutes you will receive the second email with your results.

If you IMEI is stolen or lost you will receive this result: Blacklisted

If your iPhone IMEI number is clean you will get this result: Clean

If you planned to unlock your phone knowing how to check if iPhone is stolen or lost you can easily place an unlock order depend on your checker result. Unlocking brings you possibility to use the iPhone on any networks and easily switch between SIM card, using the same phone. This is very useful for travelers, as you don’t need to pay extra money for international fees.

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