Check Your iOS 7 Activation Lock Status [Fast & Easy]


A lot of people are experiencing Activation lock problems once they have updated to iOS 7. It happens because previous iPhone owners forget to turn Find My iPhone app off before reselling their smartphone. The result is frustrating. The new owners can’t access Home screen after they order factory unlock by IMEI code, update their firmware version to the latest one or restore the fruit device. This happens because Activation lock feature stays on and can’t be turned off manually without the help of the original iPhone owner who knows his Apple ID and passcode.

Check Find My iPhone Status

There is a good method called Find My iPhone checker that will tell you whether this option is enabled or disabled. This service won’t tell you the name of the carrier to which your iPhone is locked. It works after you provide IMEI code for your smartphone which is hidden in Settings app or appears on your screen after you dial *#06# combination.

Enter your IMEI number and Email address so we can fast and easy check if it is turned off or still on. Find My iPhone check by IMEI is a quick distant service that answers the important question.

You will receive results like this:


Find My iPhone: On


Find my iPhone: Off

If you are about to buy an iPhone with iOS 7 activation lock being on, you can ask the reseller to turn it off before selling it to you.

If this is your handset and you are not able to enter the correct ID and password for unlocking or restoring you can ask professionals to bypass the security measure for you. It is always better to know about possible problems beforehand to avoid them in the future.

You can remove activation lock on iOS 7 iPhone with Find My iPhone program being active.

This Is Important!

  • This WILL NOT Unlock or Unblock iPhone.
  • Please check spam or junk folders if you don’t see email with the results. You can add [email protected] to your mail contacts to be sure our emails get delivered.

We highly recommend you to run iOS 7 Activation Lock checker to know for sure whether it is turned on / off on your smartphone. This information will make your life so much easier when you decide to install firmware update, unlock your smartphone or resell it to other people.

Reliable Find My iPhone Checker for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 / 4 / 4S

All users who have Apple devices should check their Find My iPhone status. Why is it important to do these days? How can you check it? Let’s see what has changed lately and why you are advised to know the state of this application.

iOS 7 release in 2014 changed the rules for Apple fans. If your Find My iPhone application is turned on, Activation Lock feature is also enabled automatically. Whenever you need to restore, delete information from your gadget, it asks you to enter Apple ID and password. Just any password will not work. The device asks for data provided by original owner of the smartphone.

This is not a problem if this is your cell phone and you know ID with password. It becomes a huge problem if you forgot this information or purchased a used gadget online that belonged to someone else. Being updated to iOS7 it will keep asking you for password not allowing to use the iDevice at all.

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