Great BYOD Policy And Free Sprint Phones Activation Guide


BYOD phone service is becoming highly popular these days. More and more users are eager to bring their own devices to workplace or school and access apps and other information that is privileged to their company. BYOD stands for bring your own device and this term is also known as BYOT, BYOP and BYOPC [since you can bring technology, phone or PC].

This new phenomenon is being used since 2009 [this is the year when the new term was first used in public however it became prominent in IT field in 2011]. Different companies noticed that a lot of their employees are using their own gadgets at work and it was so hard to stop users from bringing personal smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices into the workplace that companies gave in and the new term BYOD went into common use.

BYOD Policy

Modern surveys assure that nearly 95% of employees from all over the world bring at least one personal gadget for work. A lot of companies nowadays allow their workers to bring personal devices as this is cost saving. At first, the idea seemed crazy and firms worried about security however these concerns are in the past. The companies like Sprint develop their own BYOD policies and some also believe that employees who are fans of BYOD idea would be more productive.

There is one main concern besides security. Different companies have fears that their network infrastructure would not be able to handle the huge traffic generated when all the workers simultaneously use different gadgets. This is one of the reasons why not all companies have implemented the bring-your-own-device idea into their business model yet.

You can see that the main pros of BYOD policy are:

  • Cost savings for the corporation or company
  • Satisfied employees
  • Better productivity
  • Ability to work from anywhere

The main cons of BOYD phenomenon are:

  • Network security concerns
  • Information security [possibility of data breaches]
  • Big network capacity

BYOD Phone Plans

The companies create their security policies for all BYOD users and all these requirements areoften outsourced to major U.S. carriers and MVNO [mobile virtual network operator] companies that resell minutes sold by American bigger networks.

AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and other mobile operators are happy to provide their own programs for BYOD users. Let’s see the example of how Sprint uses BYOSD boost options to attract customers while companies can get cheaper subscription plans from virtual carriers.


BYOD Sprint Phones Program

There is Bring Your Own Sprint Device option that allows a user with the certified Sprint phone, tablet or hotspot to visit Sprint MVNO and activate the gadget with Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile or other virtual operator that is using Sprint network.

Not all devices are eligible for activation. Your Sprint-certified device can be active / inactive. It can be from prior or current Sprint retail activation and has to meet the following POC Swap and FED [Financial Eligibility Date] criteria in order to be activated [loaded into PLBL ESN database by your chosen MVNO]:

DeviceEligibilityCriteria Eligible NotEligible
Device is already PLBL (FED is met) X
Device is SPCS and FED is met X
Device is SPCS and FED is not met X
Invalid device (your ESN is not in database) X
Lostor stolendevice X
Blacklisted device X
Fraud activity noticed on device X

In order to activate your device on Sprint MVNO network [there is no need to SIM unlock in order to get such activation] you must meet the following FED requirements:

FED Criteria PostpaidDeviceEligible PrepaidDeviceEligible
Active or inactive device; account in good standing; service agreement, Installment billing or Lease agreement fulfilled FED Eligible Not eligible
All inactive devices 15 months from the date they were added to Sprint system (about three months prior to first activation date) FED Eligible FED Eligible
Prepaid device has been active on the associated account for at least 12 months with the account active at that time Not eligible FED Eligible
Active devices 30 months from the date they were added to Sprint system (about three months prior to first activation date) FED Eligible FED Eligible
Active device under service agreement, but no monies owed NOT Eligible Not eligible
Active device service agreement is fulfilled, but past due account Not-EligibleCustomer needs to settle past due account Not eligible
Active device is on month 10 of 24 month Installment billing agreement Not EligibleCustomer has to prepay remaining installment billing and be current on account Not eligible
Active device is on month 23 of a 24 month lease agreement, but no past due account Not EligibleLeased device is returned to Sprint or customer must arrange for end of lease purchase Not eligible

How to Check if Your Sprint Device Can Use BYOSD

There is a special Sprint phone checker that can provide you with true information about your gadget status with this network. You can easily and quickly learn if you have the clean Sprint gadget that can be activated with Sprint MVNO or blacklisted / lost / stolen gadget with / without unpaid bills (such a device cannot be activated with mobile virtual network operator).

Check Sprint iPhone Blacklist or Financial Statuses

BYOSD Boost Mobile, Ting, Other MVNO FEC Fail

What can you do if the FEC (financial eligibility check) you have to pass in order to be activated with Sprint MVNO? Users who are bringing their Sprint-branded phone, tablet or other device to Sprint MVNO can get different activation errors.

It important to check the eligibility of Sprint device for MVNO activation and Sprint is doing this to each model submitted for activation. If you have unpaid balance, your account is in bad standing, the gadget is lost, stolen, blacklisted or there are other problems with it – you cannot activate it with mobile virtual network in the U.S. because Sprint made sure that unsettled contracts, unpaid accounts and blacklisted devices wouldn’t leave its network to be used on any Sprint prepaid services. Keep in mind that some gadgets will never bypass FED check [some off contract Sprint gadgets, models purchased in big box stores and from third parties]. Such devices can be returned for a refund.

Luckily, most problems can be fixed and once your account is in good standing once again – you’ll be able to activate your Sprint device with Sprint MVNO carrier.

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