How To Apply For Apple GSX Certification


Here is all useful information about Apple GSX certification, that every costumer should be aware of. First let’s find out how does the certificate process work? Such certificate carries authentication for provider server connection to Apple GSX APIs. Each provider must install an Apple certificate on their servers to provide the communication with GSX APIs via New Generation WSDL.

The next step is what information must be sent to Apple company?

Step 1 : Production and non production environment should be separated in CSR file per Sold-To account.

Step 2 : External outgoing static IP address of all servers that will access the GSX API (Production and Non-production).

Apple gsx certification

Please make sure to gain proxy servers, in case traffic passes via them. IP addresses that are provided to Apple must be static. Please note that Apple company does not provide the dynamic IP addresses support.

You will get the access to GSX APIs only in case the IP addresses will be provided to Apple. Remember that is there will be any correction or changes to IP addresses that have been already provided to Apple company will have a turnaround time of one week. Also, any infrastructure modification that leads to IP address change must be informed to Apple at least one week prior to change.

Step 3 : Sold-To

Step 4 : New Generation WSDL On-boarding date for Non-production and production. Legacy WSDL will not function in the respective environment post account onboarding to New Generation WSDL.

Also it is very important to know how do I request an Apple certificate?

It is important to follow below described steps to apply for Apple GSX certification .

Step 1 : First you need to generate a CSR file and send it to Apple company.

Step 2 : After Apple will utilize this received CSR to generate a certificate and then the company will send it back to you

Step 3 : At last, you must import received certificate into your server keystore.

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