How to Check AT&T iPhone Contract Status [End Date]


AT&T iPhone users can easily find out their AT&T contract end date. To check this status, you can use AT&T website. However you must have an account with the carrier to use this service for free. So this is useful only to AT&T iPhone customers with an active account who wish to get discounts or unlock status once their contract is over.

You get a lot of benefits if you know your AT&T wireless contract end date. After get contract details you will know what package you need to unlock AT&T iPhone. You can use very cheap package for out of contract device or a little bit expensive for in contract devices.

AT&T iPhone Contract check status

It is useful for renewing contracts and getting no contract at all. It is necessary to note that users with several lines have contract end dates for each of the line. All the information is available on the account you have with the company.

Here is a short guide that will explain where you should look for the data you need to get.

Attention! If you don’t have contract details you can use contacting AT&T it is not a problem. You can always use independent AT&T contract check service which is for free as well and available for every user around the world. Simply Like, +1 or tweet the service to get the request form.

Find Contract End Date for AT&T iPhone

Step 1. Visit the official AT&T site. Choose myAT&T menu [you can find it at the page’s top].

Step 2. Log in or register if you don’t have your login yet but have an active account with the carrier.


Step 3. There will be a list of services [the drop-down menu] which you need to hover over in order to choose Manage my Profile – Update my Profile.

Step 4. Now choose the option called User Information.

Step 5. Users with one line will now see the required information. Users with several lines should choose Select in order to select a line. Your AT&T iPhone contract status is available under Contract Information menu.

The instruction above is good for users with one bill on their AT&T account. You can also use Step 1 to unlock AT&T iPhone SIM lock with Pin. Follow the link to find out how to do it.

Customers with several bills on one account should repeat Steps 1 – 3. You will have to choose Account Information menu then and tap on Select to choose the particular Wireless account – User Information. Then repeat Step 5.

Don’t worry if you can’t get your contract end date using this method. If you don’t have an active AT&T account you can also use paid services offered by different companies to find out when your contract is over.

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