How to Find IMSI Number on iPhone


Locked iPhone users who got their handset from a reseller or someone on eBay might not even know what their original mobile operator was. Knowing your carrier is the first step for factory iPhone unlock. There is one great way how you can check iPhone network to order unlock, and this method requires the first 5 digits of your iPhone IMSI code.

Below we will explane what IMSI number is and how to find iPhone IMSI number. This is not IMEI code. This is a different number that is related to your SIM card. It is sent to your carrier when you register the iPhone. IMSI code is a 15-digit number [note that IMEI also has 15 digits, but it is a different number so don’t confuse them] where the first five digits can tell you what carrier and country your handset is locked to.

find imsi iphone

You must know your original country and mobile operator in order to unlock iPhone by IMEI code. Thus IMSI number becomes really useful. It saves much time and is free to get information from. It will be your time saver if you ever choose to SAM unlock your iPhone as well.

SIM card has the following information stored on it:

  • Your unique serial number ICCID
  • IMSI number known as International Mobile Subscriber Identity
  • PIN or your Personal Identification Number
  • PUK which stands for Personal Unblocking Code
  • Information sent to the local carrier
  • Ciphering info
  • Security authentication information

IMSI is used rarely, some carriers even prefer to use TMSI for mobile subscribe identity option. Once again, this is 15-digit code where:

  1. First 3 digits are your MCC or Mobile Country Code
  2. The 4th and 5th digits are for MNC or Mobile Network Code in a number of countries [EMEA: Africa, Europe and the Middle East]
  3. The 4th, 5th and 6th digits are for MNC in NAR countries [all other countries that don’t include EMEA]
  4. The next 9 or 10 digits are for MSIN or Mobile Station Identification Number

You need to know your MCC and MNC as this is the information about your network. You actually don’t need MSIN that much as it shows the info about your subsets / regional carriers.

Note: you can check original country using iPhone model for free right now! Follow the link and check!

IMSI iPhone Number How to Find It Instruction

In order to find your IMSI you must have a jailbroken and activated iPhone. Otherwise your attempts will fail.

Once you know it you can look up your network via this link: the most complete list of carrier and country codes. There are several methods for locating IMSI iPhone number.

Method 1

Open the Terminal app [you should download it for your iPhone]. You need to type AT+CIMI and click Enter key via Minicom app [remember to install it on your iDevice as well]. The IMSI code will be displayed.

terminal app


Method 2

IMSI is stored in your /System/Library/Carrier Bundles where the name starts with your carrier. For example, users with Verizon SIM will see it as VERIZON_US.bundle var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles and people with AT&T SIM will have it as ATT_US.bundle var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles. Your iPhone firmware creates a shortcut to the bundle var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundle.bundle and here is how you can find your IMSI code.

Method 3


Users who are unlocking with SAM and have SAMPrefs application [if you are jailbroken but don’t have this app, download it from] on their iDevice need to launch it and open More Information – IMSI. The code consists of 15 digits.

how to decrypt IMSI

So let’s imagine you know your iPhone IMSI number. Let’s say it is 123456789101234. These are fifteen digits where 123 is your country [UK, US, Canada, France or any other where your iPhone was originally produced for] 45 or 456 goes for your carrier [Vodafone, EMEA, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile etc.]. 12345 is your SIM ID.

Having these digits you can check our global IMSI list and findout the original network and country of your device.

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