Instructions On How To Use GSX Certificate


After generating, you need to know how to use GSX certificate. Let’s build few questions and find the answers for them. The first question is: What do I do with the client certificate that Apple provides?

Work with your system administrator to install the Apple certificate on your server, in a manner that ensures the certificate is automatically attached to each API request sent to Apple. Depending on the technology, this may involve adding the certificate to the trust store.

The second question is: What do I do once Apple confirms that our IP addresses are whitelisted? Please make sure that you are able to connect to the respective GSX environment (port: 443) from each of your application servers individually. This activity must be finished in test and production environments before your on-boarding date.

You can ask: What in case I cannot use OpenSSL or Java Keytool?

If you faced with some troubles contact Apple for alternate options. The next question in intricate situation is: What if I encounter an Error when Installing Certificates?

So if you have encountered with error when installing certificates, try the tips that are provided below to resolve the issue.

Error: “Certificate Request Processor: A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority”

Fix Tips:

1. Install the Root CA and Issuing CA into the system before trying to install the certificate.
2. If you continue to experience the same error, make sure that you are installing the Root CA and Issuing CA into the Local Machine trust store and not the per-profile trust store.

In case you cannot fix the issue after using above tips, try to contact Apple: [email protected] for troubleshooting help.

The last question is: How do I troubleshoot issues in Certificates? If authenticate fails with an error “Error: Access is Denied. Client SSL Certificate Required.”

This indicates that the load balancer at Apple network is rejecting the request because the certificate is not being sent together with the authenticate request. In this case please check the settings in your server and make sure that the certificate is being passed.

Now you know how to how to use GSX certificate and fix the issues when they appeared during registration.

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