iOS 8.3 Siri Voice Will Sound More Naturally


iOS 8.3 SiriApple company gave iOS 8.3 Siri voice a small boost of personalization, or overall improvements in the way the digital personal assistant converses with iOS users. Apple has given the digital personal assistant a nice boost in voice performance — especially when it comes to the synthesis of speaking words and pronouncing them a bit differently.

First Siri was introduced with iOS 5. At that time this application generated quite a bit of hype when it landed, however after a year or so after that, Siri cut a rather format figure. With iOS 6 and up till present time, though, the app has unquestionably shaken off the lingering notion that it was just a gimmick.

iOS 8.3 software launch includes one or two new improvements. As every user know this great app is famous for its drone voice. But currently Apple company plans to make the app sound a little bit more natural and as you can see from video below certain words and phrases will sound considerably better when uttered.

The video below first introduces how Siri speaks in iOS 8.1.1, and then, after the audio indicator, Siri speaking in her improved way from the iOS 8.3 beta. As noted in the original report, the biggest differences can be distinguish from specific words, including “America” and “potato” pronunciation.

The release date of the next update is not settled yet. And we don’t know how expertly iOS 8.3 Siri voice will be sound. But according to reports it will be ready by the end of next month.

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