iOS 8 Jailbreak Trojan Virus Affects iPhone and iPad


All iOS 8 firmware versions can be now jailbroken thanks to TaiG and PP Jailbreak updates that support iOS 8.1.3 – 8.4 untethering on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [Apple is currently testing the next iOS 9 beta]. Cydia store has many great jailbreak apps users can download and install however you should beware now as there is a new iPhone Trojan that is installed through the free Cydia tweak called Lock Saver.


It is curious that this iPhone Trojan virus will remain on your iDevice even if you delete the app from your gadget. This is pretty dangerous and you should be very attentive when you install anything from private repositories. For example, Lock Saver Free tool was downloaded by some users from ModMyi repo.

As noted by experts, this iOS 8 jailbreak Trojan can hook into AdMob banner in your Google and steal the money generated off your iPhone. If you happened to install this program and catch the virus you’ll find not only the package on your ‘fruit’ handset or tablet but also the viruses in this directory: Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ – you should be careful since the Trojan doesn’t only steal revenues, it can also collect your UDID number.

The bad file is no longer available on ModMyi repository still a lot of users might already have it on their iDevices. You are highly recommended to uninstall the tweak [if you have it] and delete the malicious files [you can also learn how to remove iOS 8.4 jailbreak without restore and get back to factory iOS version].

It is important to remove both Service.dylib file and Service.plist one that are located in the directory we mentioned above. You can use iFile to delete them permanently and get rid of the virus.

If you don’t delete the files someone could easily get your data or hurt your gadget. Devs also ask users who had the malicious files to change their directory permission from 777 back to 755 through iFile as the virus applied these changes.

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