iPhone 6S Touch ID Home Button Replacement Concept


Here is another Apple’s next smartphone concept that is concerning to replace iPhone 6S button option borrowed from Apple Watch. There were multiple concepts that tried to guess what the next iPhone will look like and what features it will gain.

Almost every day we see many new concepts but when one appears to mimic the design aesthetic of the Apple Watch it will be interesting to talk about it.

replace iPhone 6S button

This iPhone 6S concept borrows from the Apple Watch describes the screen’s glass mould straight into metal at the side of the display. This is a step beyond the slightly curved edges that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’s screens already have, and theoretically let the iPhone 6S to be made physically smaller while retaining the same screen size as its predecessors.

This concept offers downsize without reducing device’s screen size and to replace iPhone 6S button – the Touch ID Home button.

Due to the concept, any Touch ID feature would be taken care of by a sensor built into the screen. The act of pressing the button to return to the home screen would be taken care of by Force Touch. Force Touch is very much expected to make an appearance in future iOS devices alongside the Taptic Engine.

It is expected that Apple will launch new iPhone this September. So we don’t have to wait too long before we will see iPhone 6S will look like.

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