iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Impacts iPhone Thefts


When Apple first introduced Activation Lock [it was unveiled along with iOS 7 firmware release] it was believed that this would be a great theft-deterrent measure. However it seems that all the iPhone Activation Lock bypass technologies make this gadgets once again theft-friendly.

According to the new report, the Activation Lock that is present on both iOS 7 and iOS 8 doesn’t drive thieves away. The popular iPhone is still the gadget they aim for because sometimes it is possible to use iPhone Activation Lock hack and figure out the passcode the original owner is using for his or her smartphone protection.


The Cupertino-based company was forced to introduce better security for its devices because iPhones were stolen and lost too often. However the solution that complied with U.S. law enforcement regulations only at first made much noise and helped to lower the theft rate because such a smartphone couldn’t been resold, cleaned, restored at the early stages.

The success of the technology quickly faded. Hackers found different methods how to bypass the protection and even gain full access over the device. iPhone Activation Lock removal service that is designed to help real original owners or customers who purchased the used gadget [and forgot or couldn’t get the passcode and iCloud ID] also led to creation of different bypass machines. Such devices can provide numerous attempts to retrieve the original passcode and break the system.

Theft rates only fell in the first year after iOS 7 release. The update to iOS 8 also led to release of numerous hacks that affected the number of robberies once again. As experts think, some thieves steal the popular smartphone in hopes it is not locked while others can be capable of unlocking it in case it is locked. Police say that locked gadgets become immediately turned off so that their location cannot be tracked.

A lot of stolen devices never even appear on the eBay and similar platforms. Most locked gadgets are disassembled for parts or resold to consumers who don’t know anything about Activation Lock feature and how it can make the device useless.

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