Mac Remote Desktop Program Introduced by Microsoft


Apple and Microsoft are two rival companies that have their own computer and software lineups. It is curious the the new remote desktop for Mac was introduced by Microsoft. Apple fans have now a choice which application to use when they want to get remote desktop feature.

Anyone is welcome to test Mac remote desktop offered by Microsoft [you can also download Mac OS X El Capitan beta 6]. The company released the tool in beta stage. It comes with a lot of great options and new features and brings new interface users can test and leave their feedback for.


The new design shows simple and clean user interface. This is the style Apple prefers in its products. The reports mention that Microsoft allows users using CTRL and CMD shortcuts during the session and simplifies the procedure of Remote desktop account management. This way you don’t need to remember to switch between CMD / CTRL while cutting, copying and pasting information as the two shortcuts are supported interchangeably.

If you are interested in trying the Remote Desktop for Mac created by Microsoft you can download and install it through the official Microsoft blog. If you don’t want to test it you can simply take a look at the changes offered by the company.

The program is in beta and thus it doesn’t include all the features. The future update should bring multiple display support, new options, Gateway feature and clipboard redirection. Also remember that all betas are buggy and could cause errors.

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