Making Purchases Using Online Apple Store PayPal UK And US


Just few days ago Apple store was updated to support PayPal as a payment method in US and UK.

Previously this method was used as a payment function in iTunes, iTunes Music Store, iBookstore and the App Store, but now users can pay for product purchases in Apple Store using PayPal.

This is the very first time when the company has enhanced the payment options on its online shop to beyond credit and debit cards.


Additionally, PayPal company also offers its own line of credit cards. It got the title PP Credit. For consumers looking to purchase items from that costs $250 and over Credit is extending a monthly payment option expanding up to 18 months.

This action to gain Apple store PayPal UK and US support for this payment method from Apple is quite surprising, especially after it pushed Apple Pay earlier this year — which is a direct competitor.

The relations between two companies were mildly troubled. It was rumored, that Apple also carried on negotiations with PayPal to add support for the latter in Apple Pay. But, instead, PayPal signed a deal with Samsung, which suggest users to pay through PP using the Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor. Evidently, Apple did not accept the enhancement too well, and following that the agreement between Cupertino and the global digital wallet company just about fell through.

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Whilst a certain amount of customers may be more flexible to buy products from online Apple Store using PayPal service, the introduction of Apple Pay as the major option of electronic payments from the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPad mini 3, iPad Air 2 could possibly force PP to redundancy.

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