New Apple Pay Banks List with 46 More U.S. Institutions


How many financial institutions support Apple Pay service in the U.S. now, after nearly a year since the official launch of this payment service? Apple did a lot to attract customers and assure different companies in how important and useful its new payment system is [this system will most likely be available in the next iPhone 6S phone]. The company introduced it in the fall 2014. So how many Apple Pay banks are on the list by the fall 2015?

According to reports, Apple has recently added 46 titles for Apple Pay system so U.S. users get more choices from now on. With these new banks the company’s service now works with over 400 unions and banks across the United States. This is a pretty high number taking into consideration the young age of the service.


What Banks Support Apple Pay

We will not list all the 400+ institutions. We’ll only mention some of the latest titles that are added to the Apple Pay list. For example, if you are using United Bank, The Bank of Commerce, Countryside Bank, Central Pacific Bank or Premier Bank you can now pay for services and goods with your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus through Apple Pay system.

U.S. citizens who prefer working with Illinois National Bank, Bank of Oklahoma, Greater Iowa Credit Union, Northwest Federal Credit Union, West Alabama Bank & Trust, Atlantic Regional FCU and other regional institutions you are also good to go with the Apple Pay service.

The list surely includes a lot of other banks and financial institutions. You could find the full list of supported companies on the Apple official site devoted to its payment system. The iPhone maker adds new titles to this list every month. It has already convinced all major U.S. banks that its payment system is popular and demanded by customers. This is the main reason why the list keeps growing with time and more and more users start using the payment service along with PayPal, Google Wallet and other digital services.

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