New WatchOS 2 Beta 5 Download Offered by Apple


The famous ‘fruit’ giant released the Apple Watch in spring. This wearable quickly got high demand from customers who already own the iPhone or iPad. A lot of customers like to buy the iOS devices only because they are produced by Apple and the iWatch is not an exception to this rule [here is the Apple Watch price review from different countries across the world]. The new WatchOS 2 beta 5 release surfaced this week. It brings no major changes still developers can get it to see if any bugs or other issues exist.

The first WatchOS didn’t launch along with the iWatch release. At first users had to install iOS 8.2 version that was changed for this device. Later the company offered the OS 1.0.1 version and is now working on the OS 2 upgrade.


The first firmware created for the Watch doesn’t let developers use the features of the Watch. All the applications that are developed for this gadget have their code running on the iPhone and the app displayed on the Watch. This should change soon and you can get WatchOS 2 beta 5 download in order to see what the ‘fruit’ giant offers in terms of application development. The new apps should run directly on the Watch.

The latest beta comes under the number 13S5324c [learn how to test Apple Watch online]. It arrives only two weeks after the beta 4 was unveiled. Most improvements are minor. Devs who wish to install / update to the fifth testing version should do this through the Apple Watch program installed on their iPhone device. This is where the beta 5 is available for download.

Only remember that your iPhone has to run iOS 9 beta as well since it is impossible to install WatchOS 2 beta 5 from iOS 8 smartphone.

The new firmware for the Watch could be launched this fall along with mobile operating system 9. However there are rumors that say Apple could postpone the WatchOS launch till spring when it might release the next generation wearable.

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