What We Do

IMEI.org is the biggest world’s online 911-phone-service where anyone can quickly and distantly learn details about the cellphone based on its IMEI code, serial number, ESN and MEID. We work with different phone makers including Apple, LG, Nokia, Lenovo, Samsung and other well-known companies. We have all-in-one-place tools you ever need. Most tools are free to use still there are also paid tools as well as api connection.

What IMEI.org Offers

Why does IMEI.org have free and paid tools? Why can’t all the phone checking services be 100% free? What is the difference between the two types of tools?

Free tools you’ll find at IMEI.org can be used without a contract. There is a weekly limit on using free checking services because we still have to pay to let you use them at no cost. These expenses are on us and we are constantly working on increasing the limit so that you can use more checks for free within a given period of time.

Paid tools are not available for free because IMEI.org is paying other companies for using them by contract. We are doing our best to offer you the best price in the market so that remote phone checking by IMEI stays affordable to users from all over the world.

How to Start Using IMEI.org Checking Tools

Step 1. Visit registration page.

How to Register Account to Check iPhone IMEI for Free

Step 2. There are two ways how to register. Firstly, you can use your email address, name and last name:

How to Register a new account by email address on IMEI.org

Secondly, you can go with the Facebook registration instead (you should have an active Facebook account):

How to create a new account via Facebook on IMEI.org

Step 3. If you have chosen to register with your email, you should now enter your name, last name, chosen password (confirm it) and click on Register after completing the captcha check. Remember to confirm your registration via your email address.

Complete registration at IMEI.org by email

Here is an email you’ll receive to verify your account email:

Account email varification by IMEI.org

Step 4. Click on the ‘here’ link in your email to complete the signup process:

Successful account registration by email

You will now receive a second email from IMEI.org that confirms your new customer account.

Step 5. You can login using your name and chosen password. Just enter your email and password, click on captcha and press on ‘Login’ button to continue.

Enter login and password to use IMEI.org account

Step 5. Now you can start using free checks available at no cost.

Check phone IMEI at IMEI.org

Step 6. If you wish to use paid checks you should first get credits. Click on Add credits button (find it at the right part of the screen) and you’ll be redirected to the new page that let’s you add credits to your account.

Add credits to account to use paid IMEI checks

Step 7. Choose the amount you wish to add and select your payment method.

IMEI.org account transfer money to get credits for paid checks

Step 8. The credits will be added automatically to your IMEI.org account after successful transaction.

Step 9. Now you can use paid checks as well. Just enter your IMEI number in the field (the credits will be automatically taken from your account).

Step 10. You can use history section to search and track your free and paid checks.

Search orders at IMEI.org by IMEI

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