Samsung’s A9 Chip Will Be One Of iPhone 7 Features


iphone 7 features a9 samsung

Due to Bloomberg’s reports iPhone 7 features A9 Samsung Chips. As Samsung has conformed to produce A9 chips for Apple’s next iPhone.

Apple company started to cooperate with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) in 2013 to supply Apple’s processors production, with the aim to reduce its reliance on Samsung. As currently Samsung company is its major competitor in the smartphone area. Although despite Apple’s attempt to part ways it was reported last September that Samsung was still supplying 40 percent of the A8 chips for iPhone 6. You can also compare the speed of Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 performance.

Samsung and Apple new deal was originally rumored in several reports back in December. Bloomberg now claims that Samsung will produce the Apple A9 chips in its Giheung plant located in South Korea. And Samsung’s partner Globalfoundries Inc will get additional orders.

Samsung company will produce the A9 chips with its advanced 14-nanometer process. The main reason why Apple has decided to return to Samsung is that TSMC company has not so advanced manufacturing technologies as Samsung. At present time Samsung company builds a new chip plant outside of South Korea.

This contract is not publicly discussed and Samsung will start to produce Apple A9 processor chips at its Giheung plant in South Korea. Also Samsung’s partner Globalfoundries Inc will take additional orders.

So the thought that iPhone 7 features A9 Samsung chips is really can be truthful. Apple’s next iPhone will also gain Force Touch, but not in the same way as the Watch and MacBook. That’s why the report stated that Apple company may call its next smartphone the iPhone 7, not iPhone 6s.

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