The Introduction On How To Setup Apple Pay


You can set up Apple Pay via both the initial iOS 8 setup process via the Passbook application or in a new Settings. App tab is called Passbook & Apple Pay. Here is how to use Apple Pay system but first let’s see how the process works.

You can add credit cards to Passbook via an iTunes account or by using the iPhone’s camera to scan in details. Passbook will be able to store up to 8 credit/debit cards, according to the training materials.

Passbook will automatically update the card with the new expiration date from the credit card company. The Passbook or Apple Pay settings will be connected to the credit card companies and banks involved in this service.

how to setup apple pay

One more useful detail that connected with Apple retail stores. If a customer will want to return an item they can simply by hold an iPhone near the Apple Store EasyPay machine. This machine will in turn display the recent transactions in the store. As the result appropriate transaction can be reversed without the need to enter any details manually.


As for the security, the customer’s contact information or credit card number will not be shown on the Apple Store receipts for items that were bought with Apple Pay. It will be shown only the last four numbers of their iPhone’s unique Apple Pay device ID.

apple pay setup

What should a customer do if Apple Pay is not working correctly? The retail employees will use the “Apple Pay Demo”. It is The diagnostic software that can identifies whether the iPhone is having a hardware problem or other issue. If issues are not related to hardware the the customer will be referred to their appropriate credit card provider or banks.

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The Apple company will discuss final launch details for the new payment service at media event on October 16th. On this event we will also see the iPad models, MacBook with a Retina display, new version of the iMac alongside OS X Yosemite.

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