Top MVNO List of USA Mobile Virtual Network Operators


Have you heard about MVNO carriers in USA? Unlike regular networks that exist in this country [AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon] the MVNO cell phone operators do not have their own network infrastructure. They don’t have the licensed radio spectrum either.

MVNO stands for mobile virtual network operator that has business relationship with a bigger carrier known as MNO [mobile network operator]. MVNO cell phone company purchases minutes from MNO as a wholesaler and resells at retail prices to phone owners. Of course, the minutes are sold by MVNO under its brand.

It is possible to say that MVNO cell carriers are simply MNO resellers. They don’t compete with major networks because they are customers who resell the product to other people. Each mobile virtual network operator in the USA and outside this county signs an agreement with MNO about possible rates. It is allowed to set up prices according to these rates and its pricing is often cheaper compared to data plans offered by major networks.



It is easier to understand the difference between being MVNO and MNO when you take a look at some famous regular networks and virtual carriers. For example, well-known Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint are MNOs in the United States. At the same time, companies like Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular, PlatinumTel and Virgin Mobile are prepaid wireless MVNOs that offer different prepaid options to Americans and U.S. visitors.

Reasons to Use MVNOs

You might wonder why users would choose MVNO over MNO services especially when virtual networks are reselling the service they are purchasing in bulk at wholesale prices from regular networks? The answer is simple.

Each MVNO company is much smaller compared to major carrier. Its advertising budget is smaller. Such firms rarely stock mobile devices so they can sell the same service as the top four U.S. carriers but at cheaper prices.

MVNO gives users a chance to save money and get the top quality product. Mobile virtual network operators in the USA can use major networks to meet the needs of their consumers. It is possible to offer the best service to millions of citizens and international visitors at lower rates.

You have noticed that some MVNO carriers resell services on several networks at once. This gives customers even bigger choice of different options they can use. If you are not satisfied with data plans and pricing offered by major U.S. carriers you can always connect to MVNO and get the same service at a lower cost and with better customer support.

By the way, fans of BYOD (bring your own device) are able to bring their personal smartphone to some MVNOs and activate it. This is a great program that might be interesting to users who wish to connect to mobile virtual network and have no idea how to get the activation for free.

Just before you start working with U.S. MVNO network you should double check that your smartphone model supports and can work with the chosen MVNO. For example, if you have the AT&T device it can work with Consumer Cellular and other virtual carriers that are using AT&T network. Sprint subscribers might try working with PlatinumTel, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile etc. Verizon users can try using prepaid Straight Talk, Page Plus and other plans.

Customers choose their network based on data plans, limits of text, calls and data and thanks to a big number of MVNOs all these needs are now met.

Best MVNO Carriers in USA

Let’s talk a little bit more about companies from the MVNO list USA. Just as we have already mentioned MVNO is using MNO network to sell its service. Sometimes virtual carrier is using only one MNO and sometimes it works with multiple MNOs.

MVNO companies that are using Sprint network in U.S.:


  • Virgin Mobile
  • PlatinumTel
  • Boost Mobile
  • Expo Mobile
  • Lime Wireless
  • Red Pocket Mobile
  • Ciao Mobile
  • Republic Wireless
  • Ting
  • Zact Mobile
  • FreedomPop
  • Ready Mobile
  • Text Now
  • Credo Mobile

MVNO virtual networks that are using AT&T network in USA:


  • Consumer Cellular
  • Amazon Wireless
  • Good2Go Mobile
  • Cricket
  • 420 Wireless
  • Straight Talk
  • Red Pocket Mobile

MVNO carriers that are using Verizon network in U.S.:


  • Straight Talk
  • Page Plus
  • Selected Mobile
  • Flash Wireless
  • Ready Mobile
  • Red Pocket Mobile

MVNO operators that are using T-Mobile in USA:


  • Red Pocket Mobile
  • ROK Mobile
  • Simple Mobile
  • Net10 Wireless
  • Speedtalk Mobile
  • MetroPCS
  • Giv Mobile

You can find the list of all the prepaid virtual operators and the networks they are using here:

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