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IMEI.org Mobile Device Ecosystem strives to change the world for a better place to live, improve ecology, protect environment and give everyone access to modern electronics and must-have innovative devices.

IMEI.org is a provider of services and goods that are meant to change everyone’s life by giving a second chance to used phones, reducing trade-in risks, increasing value of used devices, offering buyback option and recycling electronics into minerals and components to strengthen ecosystem across the globe.

IMEI.org is working closely with mobile and data providers across the world, including mobile network companies, leading recycling firms, phone retailers and users who are willing to resell, recycle or buy a used activated and whitelist phone at a better price.

Choosing IMEI.org as your personal assistant when buying, trading in and selling safely used phones with further recycling and re-selling option also gives customers access to useful and reliable data checking sources available online 24/7.

There are a lot of free and some paid check services on IMEI.org to quickly access phone databases with millions of records about phone IMEI, serial number, blacklist status, activation data and other information required for successful phone ownership change, recycling, finding best reselling value, making sure the device is legitimate, improving ecosystem and providing the best trade-in experience possible.

Check services provided by IMEI.org include:

  • Phone blacklist / blocked status;
  • Phone lost / stolen status;
  • Phone warranty claim check;
  • Phone ICCID check;
  • Phone reselling value;
  • Phone IMEI details;
  • Phone carrier locked / unlocked status.

The list of checking services is much longer. These are some of the most popular and widely used options that help to buy a legitimate used phone and quicker resell a second-hand device in a good working condition.

We know how to optimize and extend the life of used phones to help customers take full advantage of second-life parts and devices. Our approach to trade-in, buyback and reselling of used phones delivers environmental, social and economic benefits to everyone involved in the process. Our services are meant to expedite the procedure of collecting, evaluating, processing, recycling devices that cannot be repaired and re-selling second-hand gadgets that deserve the second chance. Countries with emerging economics can introduce advanced innovative used phones to educate poor societies and help businesses grow. At the same time devices that cannot be re-sold to get a second life are safely recycled to protect environment and improve world ecology. It’s a win-win strategy that makes mobile device ecosystem stronger and helps to fight with e-waste problem that is quickly growing in modern mobile phone industry.

IMEI.org is always happy to get your feedback, ideas and propositions. Please get in contact with us!