iPhone IMEI Check

Use the best iPhone IMEI check services on the web to receive all available information about your smartphone within seconds. This reliable distant tool will let you know the iCloud Activation Lock, SIM-Lock, Carrier Lock, Blacklist statuses, and other essential details. Learn as much about an Apple handset as possible to protect yourself from getting a problematic device. Run your iPhone IMEI number check now!

What can be checked via iPhone IMEI number?

These are the most common details to reveal once you check iPhone IMEI:

How to find an iPhone IMEI number?

It is quick to locate the unique smartphone identifier (International Mobile Equipment Identity) you need to know to use any of the check services. There are several common ways to get it, and it is best if you know some of them.

The fastest method is to call a simple number *#06# to see your International Mobile Equipment Identity on the iPhone screen.

The next thing you can try on iPhone 6S or newer model is to pop the SIM card tray and find your identifier printed there.

Unfortunately, this method will not work on older devices.

Another method is to look up the Settings app. The 15-digit code is listed under the General - About sections, and this option works great for all Apple phone models.

Users who have iPhone 5 or 6 will find their identifier on the phone's metal casing.

How to check IMEI on iPhone?

Checking iPhone IMEI is super-fast and very easy. No special knowledge, no skills are needed. All you should know is the International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

  1. Enter the 15-digit number (identifier) into the specified field of the selected service.
  2. Press the 'Check' button to see the results delivered instantly.

After learning the details about the device and its status, you can decide what to do with that phone and whether it can serve you well in the future.

Why do you need to check iPhone IMEI?

The unique 15-digit Apple iPhone code, International Mobile Equipment Identity, contains essential information about the device, activation, and usage history. With a single code, you can remotely find out almost any information about a smartphone without having it in your hands.

Once you learn to use distant IMEI iPhone check services, you will always stay self-protected from getting a gadget with issues:

  • A blacklisted iPhone is just a brick.
  • A SIM-locked or carrier-locked model will not let you use different mobile operators.
  • A corporate-owned smartphone remotely controlled by a supervisor can be erased, upgraded, or locked without your knowledge.
  • A loaner phone can get you in trouble, etc.

Find out if the device has an AppleCare coverage plan, if it was repaired, or reported as lost or stolen. Ensure that a second-hand smartphone can serve you well for several years ahead, and avoid getting a model with any type of lock.