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Check of iCloud Lock / Unlock (FMI: ON \ OFF) status via trusting IMEI lookup service. It is the best method to determine whether your iPhone or iPad has enabled or disabled iCloud Activation Lock. Protect yourself and know facts about your Apple device using an online Free iCloud Checker.

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Example of IMEI iCloud check result:

Model: IPHONE 11 128GB BLACK CELLULAR [A2111] [IPHONE12,1]
IMEI: 356551105000XXX
IMEI 2: 356551105115XXX
Serial Number: C6KZX0QLNXXX
iCloud FMI Status: ON

Extra IMEI Data:

Carrier Lock: LOCKED
iCloud Lost \ Stolen Status: LOST
Country: United States
Blacklist Status: BLACKLISTED
Blacklisted By: Sprint
Blacklisted On: 2020-08-04 21:38:48
Blacklisted Country: United States
Last Activation Country: United States
MDM Lock Status: ON
Warranty Status: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
Loaner Device: YES

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What is iCloud Lock?

Do you know what iCloud Lock is and why Find My iPhone iCloud check is a beneficial service nowadays? Read our article about both things to understand the advantages you can enjoy and get free instructions on using the most user-friendly iCloud check tool.

New Apple users who switch from Android devices are often surprised at all the features found in iOS gadgets. And the iCloud Lock is a thing introduced to iPhone and iPad models to help users who lose their device by locking it and making it useless for thieves.

What is iCloud Activation Lock screen?

The iCloud Lock screen comes automatically on an iPhone or iPad with the enabled Find My app. It is not a problem for an original user because all it takes to remove the locked screen is entering the Apple ID and password linked to the iCloud account.

But when you buy a second-hand device, you need to use iPhone iCloud check. Every locked device will ask Apple ID and password you can't know unless you can reach the seller for help.

iCloud Activation Lock status check is essential for every user because a locked handset is like a brick. You cannot erase it or reset to remove iCloud Lock because the security feature does not disappear without the correct Apple ID credentials.

Why do you need to check iCloud Lock status?

A user-friendly iCloud check tool is designed to protect every user from getting a problematic device. How exactly can it help you?


There are several fundamental reasons why to perform Apple iCloud check BEFORE ordering a second-hand iPhone:

  • Knowing that iPhone comes with an iCloud Lock screen can prevent you from buying it;
  • Using remote online iPhone iCloud check is super easy, fast, and fun;
  • The free iCloud check is available 24/7, no matter where you are.

Check iCloud Activation Lock status before making any decisions is excellent. This process is fast and easy, requiring only one number, the iPhone IMEI code.

How to check iCloud Lock / Unlock status via IMEI?

A free iCloud check is a good option for every Apple user. You are highly advised to use the most effective 100% FREE iCloud Lock / Unlock status checker by IMEI. Thousands of people trust our lookup service, and you can benefit from using it today.

IMEI iCloud Status Check IMEI iCloud Check

Here is how you can use iCloud Status check IMEI service:

  • Step 1. Find the IMEI number of the iPhone. The easiest method is dialing *#06# - or you can look it up in Settings - General - About, where IMEI is listed alongside the device serial number and ICCID.
  • Step 2. Enter the IMEI code into the particular field online.
  • Step 3. Let the online iCloud check tool deliver you instant results after you click the 'Check IMEI' button

Here is the most incredible detail you can learn about your smartphone this way:

Still, the service can also deliver other facts by iPhone IMEI number, including its iCloud Lost / Stolen Status (LOST or CLEAN), Blacklist and SIM (Carrier) Lock Statuses, and additional information.

Are you willing to protect yourself from getting a problematic iPhone? Run the free iCloud check by IMEI and ensure that your Apple device is not locked and ready to use. Enjoy all its features being available to you, including an option to set up the phone as if a new device.

Check Phone IMEI proposal to check online IMEI for the most popular device ever made!

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