ICCID: Details About SIM Integrated Circuit Card Identifier


The SIM card stores various information about the phone’s owner and details required for successful user identification. For example, it stores IMSI, ICCID, passwords (PIN and PUK) and other important numbers. What is ICCID? How can you look it up? Can you check your mobile operator using this code? Let’s get all the answers and learn more about ICCID checksum and SIM card validation.

What Is ICCID Number on Phone SIM Card

What Does ICCID Mean

ICCID stands for integrated circuit card identifier. It identifies the SIM card internationally and is stored on the phone SIM. You can look at your subscriber identification module (this is how SIM is explained) and find your ICCID code printed or engraved on its body. The print is made during SIM personalization procedure.

ICCID is the unique serial number that is used to identify the SIM card. The number can be pretty long, up to 22 digits. Still generally it is 19-20 digits long. GSM Phase 1 defines it as 20-digit number with particular structure.

The ICCID composes of several subparts: INN, IAI and one important digit known as single digit.
INN part (Issuer Identification Number) consists of 2, 3, 4 or up to 7 digits. It can have 2 fixed MII (Major Industry Identifier) digits, your country code (this number is defined by ITU-I and it can be 1-3 digits long) and Issuer Identifier (these are 1-4 digits). All INN codes assigned to ICCID number are listed in ITU Operational Bulletins.

IAI part (Individual Account Identification) can have variable length. Sill each number under the same INN will be identically long.

Single digit is a check part. It can be calculated via Luhn algorithm once you know all other digits.

ICCID Format


Let’s look closer at this number. What does MM, CC, II and other digits stay for?

MM is constant digit. CC is your country code. II is issuer identifier. ‘N’ mean your SIM card number (also known as account ID). C is the checksum which is calculated via Luhn formula. The last ‘x’ digit is an extra one. ICCID officially doesn’t list it as part of the number. Use ‘AT!ICCID?’ command and your 20-th digit will be returned.

It is curious that not all SIM factories create SIM datasets with ICCID checksum digit. Some companies release electronic copies of SIM personalization dataset without it.

Most GSM SIMs contain either 19 or 20 digits. It all depends on the issuer. One issuer always offers same ICCID length for all numbers it issues.

ICCID Carrier Lookup

Why would you need to know your ICCID number? What can it help you with?

There are multiple ways how to look up your mobile operator once you know some details about your phone. Some people use IMEI code to check their carrier. Others prefer using ICCID carrier check service that tells the network name in case the same information cannot be obtained with IMEI.

ICCID Lookup on Phone

How to Find ICCID Code

Step 1. Go to Settings on your phone.

Step 2. Select General section.

Step 3. Go to About section. You’ll see your ICCID number.

Sometimes the phone gets stuck on the activation screen. In other words, you cannot get to the About display for this or other reasons. As a result, you cannot see your About screen. Is there another way how to get the SIM card integrated circuit card identifier? There is a different method you can use.

How to Look Up ICCID Number via iTunes

Step 1. Open iTunes program.

Step 2. Connect the phone to your computer. You’ll have to sync it because this is how iTunes begins to store your ICCID and IMEI numbers.

Step 3. Get information about the device, including its IMEI and ICCID numbers. Just click on your phone number.

How to Look Up ICCID SIM Carrier

Find Phone Carrier by ICCID

Use the ICCID carrier checker to get the name of your mobile network. You only need to type in the ICCID number and the information you are looking for will be easily returned.

ICCID SIM Card Validation

Are you not sure whether your SIM card is activated or not? Sometimes you purchase a used phone in a foreign country and want to know right away whether it is already activated and ready-to-work in your home country. SIM card validation is what you need.

How is it possible to check if your SIM card is valid or not? Your mobile network custom service will tell you that it can only answer this question at the time of activation. Use ICCID SIM card validation service to figure out if your SIM ICCID is valid or invalid.

You only need to know the SIM ICCID code. Enter it into the checking tool and you’ll get the answer to SIM ICCID validity question.

It is definitely better to check SIM ICCID validity beforehand. The service is perfect for mobile companies and firms that purchase SIM cards in bulk and have to be sure they are all valid before customers start using them.

SIM ICCID Validation and Checksum Formula

ICCID Checksum

It is time to understand what ‘mod 10’ or ‘modulus10’ means. This is algorithm also known as Luhn formula or Luhn algorithm. It’s a checksum formula used for validation of IMEI code, some social insurance numbers, credit cards etc. This formula was created by Hans Peter Luhn (IBM scientist) back in 1954. It also helps to validate phone ICCID number.

Different government uses this method to quickly distinguish valid numbers and avoid incorrect information. Luhn checksum can calculate digit sequence checksum (it calculates the single digit to make sure the digit sequence checksum is equal to zero). The simple checksum formula was created to avoid errors, mistyping and similar data.

Luhn Algorithm for SIM ICCID validation

Luhn Formula

This algorithm is simple. Sum odd digits (you begin from right to left) plus sum all even digits (multiply by two) and look at the final number. If it is more than 9, just substract 9. Now look at the very last digit of your checksum. Is it zero? Awesome! Your sequence is valid.

There is no need to sum and multiply your numbers by hand. Use online calculator that will tell you whether ICCID checksum is valid or not.

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