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Check the status of your Handset by entering the unique 15 digit IMEI number. Based on this number, you can check some useful information about your mobile device.

  • Dial *#06# to see your device IMEI

  • Enter IMEI to field above

  • Get information about your device



Great BYOD Policy And Free Sprint Phones Activation Guide

BYOD phone service is becoming highly popular these days. More and more users are eager to bring their own devices to workplace or school and access apps and other information that is privileged to their company. BYOD stands for bring your own device and this term is also known as BYOT, BYOP and BYOPC [since…

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Top MVNO List of USA Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Have you heard about MVNO carriers in USA? Unlike regular networks that exist in this country [AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon] the MVNO cell phone operators do not have their own network infrastructure. They don’t have the licensed radio spectrum either. MVNO stands for mobile virtual network operator that has business relationship with a bigger carrier…

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What Is Old IMEI Number: TAC and FAC Terms

What is IMEI number that is given to every mobile device in the world? Each IMEI is usually present in the form of 15-digit or 17-digit number. Our modern mobile world is using the following format customers are used to: AB-CDEFGH-IJKLMN-Z. What do the parts of this format stand for and mean to users? There…

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