What Is IMSI Number?

There is another smartphone’s identifier called IMSI. These four letters stand for International Mobile Subscriber Identity. Here below you will find out what is IMSI and how to decode it.

what is imsi number

Each IMSI consists of three parts:

  • MSIN
  • MCC
  • MNC

The first part is called Mobile Subscriber Identification Number, and it gets no more than 10 decimal places. It identifies the subscriber in his or her mobile network.

The second part is called Mobile Country Code. It gets 3 decimal places and identifies the country of mobile device owner.

The third part stands for Mobile Network Code with 2 decimal places. It identifies your carrier network within the country.

IMSI identifies registered smartphone users. A working SIM card has a valid IMSI. You can use it only with the smartphone that has a valid IMSI/IMEI code.

You can identify country and mobile operator of the iPhone using only MCC and MNC of IMSI number. It is also called operators code.

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