We Know a Way to Use Apple GSX Network / Carrier Check Service for Any iPhone


Have you got your iPhone from Apple or other seller / reseller? Is it locker or unlocked? Don’t you know? It was earlier possible to learn everything about your smartphone using Apple GSX network check service created by Apple. Now this iPhone GSX carrier checker is not working. Is there other way to learn more about your handset? Yes, there is.

Global Service Exchange is the product created by the iPhone maker for its retailers mostly. It has been popular among carriers and stores that helped customers to get covered repairs. It has been used by other companies as well, the ones that offer IMEI unlock service for iOS smartphone users from all over the world.

iphone imei number

Apple GSX website has been used to check everything about all handset models, including iPhone 5, the original device, iPhone 3GS and 3G, iPhone 4 and 4S. It also supported iPad and iPad mini that has been released this year. It was easy to use the checker by entering just device’s IMEI number that can be easily obtained through Settings – General – About or by entering *#06# on the display.

Here are the sample of iPhone GSX Report Results:

IMEI: 012268006728918
Serial: 880245ZJ3NP
MAC Address: 9027E4DE8AA9
ICCID: 89014104212611000499
Product Version: 6.1.3
First Unbrick Date: 06/24/10
Last Unbrick Date: 01/04/11
Unbricked: true
Unlocked: false
Unlock Date: 
Original Carrier: US GSM Country Default Policy
Initial Activation Policy Description: 52 - US GSM Service Policy
Applied Activation Policy Description: 51 - US GSM Country Default Policy
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: 51 - US GSM Country Default Policy


While the licensed service is not available, we managed to make it work which means we are able to provide you with detailed GSX information about your iDevice by its IMEI code. Firstly, we can tell you the serial number. Secondly, we can say whether you have a locked or unlocked device. The checker also shows coverage status, activation policy and names the carrier the gadget is locked to in case it is.

The service is useful. All the extra knowledge about your iPhone helps to make sure it is possible to unlock it or not. This saves your money and time. It is reliable, affordable and fast method to see your gadget model and full description.

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