Compare iPhone 6 Camera to Previous iPhone Models Cameras [Images]


The new iPhone 6 camera quality is very high. Apple is constantly working on its new gadgets providing better solutions, improved and innovative ideas on how to make everything work even better than it used to. Who can compare iPhone 6 camera to its predecessors if not devs who created a well-known Camera+ applications? They did a big job on creating all the images that show the difference between the new gen and previous generation cameras.


iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S Camera

The camera specs iPhone 6 offers are much better than it was in the iPhone 5S, 5, 4S and earlier Apple gadgets. Camera+ developers even compared the new device camera to the old iPhone 3G and even original Apple cell phone.


Analyzing iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5 camera, developers decided to put photographs side-by-side. This gave just striking results as no words can describe what you see in a couple of seconds. We can talk and talk about the latest generation Apple mobile camera, still it is better to see these results once to know what you are buying these days.


There are sunset and daylight tests that show how the quality of images improved with every new iPhone. Apple worked on vibrancy, contract, details, balance etc. to create wow effect that is present in the most recent fruit smartphones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.



Thanks to SnapSnapSnap for this comparison.

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