Disable Find My iPhone Feature to Pass iOS 7 Activation Lock


Original iPhone owners who got their handset from Apple or official retailers are ok with having Activation lock on as they can always enter their Apple ID and passcode. However, customers who got their smartphone on eBay or similar platforms from resellers get one day get stuck on the new option and lose access to their handset’s Home screen.

– Is it possible to bypass Activation lock feature if you got a used iPhone and you can’t find the original owner to ask for the ID / passcode?

We have what you are looking for. This package is meant to help you remove Find My iPhone Activation lock on iOS devices. Just enter your IMEI, email and select iPhone model.

What Should Yo Know Before Making An Order

1. This service WILL NOT Unlock or Unblock iPhones. No refund for wrong orders.

2. Do not send blacklisted iPhones. No refund if iPhone is blacklisted/blocked/barred.

3. This service supports iPhone and iPad (all models).

4. Please add [email protected] to your mail contacts to be sure our emails get delivered.

5. Delivery times only apply during business hours, not guaranteed turnaround time. (Business time is 9 am – 6 pm PST, Monday-Friday).

In case you got a used handset it might have Find My iPhone app turned on. You can contact the original owner and ask him or her to turn it off so that you get no problems with handset usage in the future. Also you can check if Find My iPhone feature is turned on / off before buying / selling or simply upgrading / restoring iPhone to iOS 7.

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