Download OS X 10.10.5 Update for Mac


Apple offered the new Mac OS version 10.10.5. The company was testing it in July-August and focused on solving problems and bugs. The ‘fruit’ giant already released Mac OS X 10.10.5 update that is meant to fix known issues and patch one vulnerability.

The issues are addressed in the minor upgrade. It only fixes the problem with DYLD vulnerability discovered in the  Yosemite release for ‘fruit’ computers. Some experts think that 10.10.5 is the last launch of Yosemite and Apple will offer El Capitan soon along with other future upgrade but won’t return to Yosemite.


Developers saw the first Mac OS X 10.10.5 beta in the middle of July. The ‘fruit’ company offered three betas and then released the update to public in August. You can download OS X 10.10.5 from the Mac App Store.

Users who don’t want to deal with big problems are advised to download the update since it offers the fix to one major patch. Apple discovered and fixed the exploit called DYLD PRINT TO FILE. It could have allow hackers getting root access to your computer if they could install one malware file on it. The exploit got the security patch in the new release.

The exploit was discovered a while ago. Anyone who is already running Yosemite version should upgrade to the newest version to fix the bug and improve some other parts of the system. For example, Apple enhances Mail app, solves problems with Photos program and issue with the QuickTime Player.

It is still not clear when the release of OS X 10.11 El Capitan system is planned. Users are expecting it sometime in September along with iOS 9 and new line of iPhone devices.

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