iMessage Not Delivering Messages to Android Lawsuit Dismissed


A lot of Apple customers might remember the annoying iMessage not delivering messages to Android platform from other iPhones issue [would this problem be gone after iOS 9 beta becomes official?]. It happened to users who decided to switch their iPhone for Android smartphone and whose text messages were lost and never received because of the problem with Apple servers that kept re-sending them to the inactive iPhone instead of the new Android device.

There was a group of iMessage lawsuit cases against Apple and they all were focused on the problem with delivering iMessages from ‘fruit’ users to the new firmware version users switched to. Recently we learned that judge dismissed this lawsuit.


Former ‘fruit’ users who couldn’t get messages from their friends with the iPhone because they moved to Android were not happy with the problem especially if they turned off their iMessage program before getting a new smartphone. The problem was pretty common a year ago.

There were different instructions and guides for users who wished to solve this issue however this also ended up in the lawsuit against the Cupertino-based company in the end of 2014. According to news, the group of lawsuit that followed was stopped by U.S. District Judge [if you are curious, the name is Lucy H. Koh] so iMessage is out of trouble.

As the judge noted, there was not enough evidence to offer proper interference and this is the main reason of the dismissal of the ‘fruit’ lawsuit. In other words, Apple doesn’t have to appear in court and move against this lawsuit.

At the same time the problem still exists. A number of users who switch iPhone for another Android gadget might experience problems with not getting text messages. You could just request Apple to remove your phone number from iMessage.This is probably the best fix you could find.

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