Picture Preview Of iPhone 6S Gold Design


iPhone 6S gold design is already a topic of discussion after Apple’s media event March,9. Talking about luxury Apple’s product line-up in gold and similar precious metals is still actual and welcomed for its users. Due to the fact that the next smartphone may hit the market stores by the end of this year we have got from one designer a visual on what a rose gold iPhone 6s might look like, and you have a chance to look at the images below.

iPhone 6S gold design

According to reports a rose gold next-generation iPhone could be a part of Apple’s plan. Martin Hajek, the guy behind a number of great iConcepts in the past, presented a potential details preview of things.

Offering drastic design with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release after iPhone 5s – one that seems to have gone down well given the record sales, it seems that Apple will not offer any significant improvement to the form factor.

Martin Hajek pictures

Instead, we’re anticipating a refresh akin to the iPhone 5s, with upgrades including a improved camera and bumped processor and a rose gold iPhone 6s would also present an enticing prospect.

With a rose gold Apple Watch, the device does look really spectacular, however given the $17,000 asking price for the Watch, thinking about the retail price of a rose gold iPhone might be double or even treble that.

the look

Back in September of 2013 when the gold-colored iPhone 5s first emerged the market went crazy. The same could be with iPhone 6S gold design this year.

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