Want to Buy a Refurbished iPhone? Check It Before You Order!

Like many other well-known companies, Apple sells brand-new and refurbished iPhone models. The prices differ significantly, and you can save nice money if you choose the second option. However, it is best to check the iPhone before you order it.

Whant to buy Refurbished iPhone? Check it before order!

Usually, you can buy a refurbished iPhone with a 15% discount and free delivery, and Apple can even give you a 1-year warranty on such a device. Still, it is best to be attentive and double-check the smartphone by IMEI number, especially if you are getting it from a third-party seller.

What Is a Refurbished iPhone

There is a difference between new, second-hand, and refurbished iPhones. The last type of devices are usually displayed, or pre-owned handsets returned to the company because they malfunctioned.

Apple fixes such gadgets and sells them again with a discount. Their warranty is shorter than the one on the brand new device, and there could be scratches on the body, some parts replaced, etc. Still, the price is lower, and the handset has been checked to work.

For those users who want to buy a refurbished iPhone, it is a must to check it. Also, if you purchased a second-hand smartphone from a third-party seller, you might need to check whether it is a refurbished device or not.

How to Check a Refurbished iPhone?

If you purchase a refurbished iPhone directly from Apple, you will clearly see its status. But if you buy a device from someone else, it is best to look up its Model in the Settings - General - About menu.

It is new if the device letters and numbers start with the letter M. It is refurbished if the first letter is F.

Knowing its status, you can find the phone IMEI number in the same 'About' menu or by calling *#06#. And then, you can choose reliable IMEI.org IMEI check services to check important details about the smartphone by its IMEI code.

Here is what you can check:

Also, you can perform Apple basic and advanced checks, learn details about the career, phone model, etc. All you need is to enter the IMEI number into the specified field, select the service offered by IMEI.org and click the single 'Check IMEI' button to see the instant results.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Refurbished iPhone

Once you have checked the device and are sure it has a valid warranty, NO blacklist status, lost/stolen reports, Activation Lock, or other problems, you can enjoy your purchase.

While a refurbished smartphone often has its cons (scratches, a replaced battery or other parts, short warranty period), it also has cons:

  1. You can get such a handset with a nice discount.
  2. Apple always checks the phone (if you buy it directly from this company) to ensure it works well.
  3. You can also check the device by its IMEI number to ensure it has no known 'locked' issues.

Every user who wants to buy a refurbished Apple device can remotely check it using the IMEI.org services. The instant details and handful of information are available 24/7 no matter where you live.

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Whant to buy Refurbished iPhone? Check it before order!
Whant to buy Refurbished iPhone? Check it before order!

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